The most exciting part of a teenager’s life is over

The most exciting part of a teenager’s life is over, high school, and you’re in college. The next step some college students are thinking about is joining a sorority or fraternity. One must remember that there is a balance of student life and Greek life. Greek life is very important to most people it teaches leadership, unity, and gives you a bond with different people that could help you later in life. Student life is your academic life, your grades always come first. Overall there is nothing wrong with Greek life, it helps you grow into a better person.
The history of Greek life goes back to 1776 with John Heath, a student at the college of William and Mary studying Greek. Heath applied for a Latin sorority, but was rejected so he made his own sorority, Phi Beta Kappa, with Greek letters. Heath named the college fraternities and sororities after the initials of their Greek motto. Phi Beta Kappa’s motto is Philosophia Bios Kybernethes, which is “Philosophy is the guide to life (Fraternities and Sororities). In 1851, Wesleyan College was the first sorority for women was founded. During the first half of 20th century there were many incoming members into the sororities and fraternities, because men and women were returning from the war and back into college.
There are many pros of Greek life like having a family, social event, and networking. When you join your sorority or fraternity you make a bond that will last a life time, whenever you feel stressed or need guidance, they will be there for you and will try to help you with whatever you need. It is easy for a student to feel lost in the crowd, but your new family can help you feel like you belong there. Many organizations have parties that they host to have a good time. They also have social events such as raising money for causes they believe will make a difference, they also do volunteering in the community and some even adopt a highway. Another pro is that most people have a hard time finding a job but since you are apart of a sorority. Your brother or sister could be apart of a company that you are applying for, so you already have relationship with someone who can help you in life. While people are still looking for a job when they get out of college you already have a greater chance of getting the job. You are going to meet the most amazing people in your organization that will truly be your best friends and will be there for you.
Along with pros there are also cons like substance abuse, exhausting, isolating and timing. Some organizations throw a party and have alcoholic beverage or drugs involved, and with peer pressure some members are bond to drink. Some people in the organization could be there to make trouble and some members will probably join and get in trouble. Another con is time management one gets exhausted attending events and helping which isn’t a bad thing, but it just gets exhausting. One may also start to feel isolated from their friends, because some sororities or fraternities make it a requirement to live in the frat or sorority house. Depending on one’s major or classification they may not have the time to join or if they do join their schedule will be very hectic and they will hardly have any time to themselves. One should also be very careful about join a fraternity or sorority because of your grades, your education is the number one reason that you came to college.
In conclusion a sorority or fraternity is a great way to give back to the community, socialize and network, it will give it will give you a higher advantage above others in finding a job. Always be careful because some organizations are no good for you, they will lower your GPA and get you off track with your study’s. You will find great friends that are unbreakable, the kind of people that will help you with whatever you need.

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