Sharon Flake is the author of The Skin I’m In

Sharon Flake is the author of The Skin I’m In, The setting of this book is in a place called McClenton Middle School and her home is in a large poor suburban area.

The beginning of the book begins with Maleeka Madison (this is who the point of view is told by this is a good point of view because it gives a lot of nice characteristic and goes in depth about bullying), talking about Ms.Saunders face. Maleeka Madison is one of the main characters who is getting bullied because of her dark skin color, tallness, ; skinniness. Ms.Saunders is the new E.L.A teacher at the school, but she’s different from the other teachers. Ms. Saunders has a name of a man Michael, she is tall and fat, & she has a giant white stain halfway across her face. This causes students to dislike Ms.Saunders.

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Three main characters in the story are Ms. Saunders, Charlese Jones (Char), & Maleeka Madison. Ms. Saunders is The new teacher at the school and she is teaching English Language Arts.