My Grandma is The Greatest Woman In my Life

My Grandma is The Greatest Woman In my Life.
She is a very loving and very caring woman. She’s a woman that I know she can handle everything.
But honestly, my grandmother is the most interesting woman I know.
No other woman can compare with her. She is a true friend, and she always has the best advice to offer you.
She cooks the best food she knows how to cook the most delicious food in the world.She has too much love, I know her because of her overwhelming love for the family, I see how much she protects each of us. Grandma loves everything and everyone.
She never give up even though I know that she’s has difficulty. She will still be able to handle everything for us.
She truly shows eternal love for their grandchildren.
It does not matter how well you get; my grandmother will have love for us stronger than the other.At five feet tall, she’s the kind woman you see on the street you can not get close to because of Strict movements. my grandmother taught how to appreciate the family. All his stories are lessons. She was the smartest granny I met. She’s the best woman that I know how to interact to other people.
But she had heart disease, though I knew she was the most strongest person I ever met. My grandmother peacefully passed away, on June 2018. One month before I began my first semester in Grade 12.
She taught me how to love other people and to be passionate about everything I do.
The great women don’t have to be celebrities to make an impact for us.She lives with me, inside me, in my heart and in the legacies that I will create. And I know, she would be the greatest woman that be proud for me.