Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell and how you engage your audience on every possible platform

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell and how you engage your audience on every possible platform. Today, a plain bill-board is not enough to advertise your product/ service. You need to be everywhere to catch the customer’s attraction and compel them to actually buy the product. In today’s era of technology and digital outreach, you are more likely to buy services and brands that you see around, on your Facebook, on billboards, on TV etc. When you wake up in the morning and open your curtains for some fresh air, the first thing that you see outside of the window is a bill board, advertising some soap. Turn on the television and you’ll see a commercial for the similar soap. On your internet homepage, you’ll see a banner ad for that same soap. You’ll see a similar image and message on your social networking newsfeeds, a billboard on the roads and a large banner in the store. Everywhere you go, you see that brand. 360 marketing campaigns are developed to reach out to consumers, no matter where they are. In 360 marketing, it’s made sure that customers get to see the brand everywhere, through every possible medium. It includes the utilization of each component of the marketing toolbox to communicate the specified message to the target audience.

Brand Recognition
Brand interaction with the target audience is very important for building customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. An integrated campaign covers everything from print media, digital and social media, website, app, bill-boards, ad making, TV commercials and direct sales to the execution of launch events. Every medium is utilized in an integrated, consistent marketing and branding strategy. The purpose is to exhibit the brand at all points of customer contact.

It is important for a brand to have unique online presence, create hype of the product and market it till it becomes word of mouth for the common people. With the right marketing strategy, companies can deliver tailored messaging at the right place at the right time and on the right device to the right audience.

More Profits
A 360 campaign is a sign of the modern times. Today, if a brand plans to get launched or elevate its positioning in the market, releasing just a TV commercial or a newspaper ad is not enough. There’s too much competition in the market and the company has to stand out from others. Thus, its crucial for a brand to invest in a 360° marketing campaign. Analyzing social media conversations, web trends and inbound traffic can discover new revenue opportunities and increase the sales massively. 360 marketing is the first and obvious choice for reaching up-to 10 million target audience.

360 Marketing is best suited for:
A Housing Society
Mall and Apartments
Brand launch or relaunch
Business Startups
Product/ Services Launch
There are millions of small and large firms who provide 360° digital marketing solutions all over the world. They incorporate both traditional and digital methods to effectively promote your brand or service. WWP Group in the UK, Omnicom Group in USA, and Publicis Groupe in France are the most successful companies for providing 360 marketing services to its diverse clients. In Pakistan, Micronox in Islamabad is leading the market with its diverse and complete 360 marketing services across the country and worldwide.

Skilled Staff Members
Micronox has highly skilled staff members, social media experts, Website/Software/App Developers, association and collaboration with all known news papers, access to billboards, production houses (Vision Productions), event management services (Ibtada ) and a group of over 200 renowned and trusted dealers all across Pakistan. They work together to analyze, design and develop a plan to improve brand visibility, generate leads and deliver profitable results.

The 360 campaigns use most of the marketing channels simultaneously to direct your audience to try or buy the specified product. It involves the use of personalized emails or SMS, Facebook or Twitter ads and posts, along with the activation ideas, in-store looks, and TVCs, newspaper, and radio ads. A 360-marketing campaign also focuses on developing a landing page and investing in SEO for the same.

Micronox 360 Marketing Services Provide You:

Potential Leads through Social Media
Leads through our Dealers Network
Top Position on Google
Direct Sales

The Right Investment
It is suggested for companies to spend at least minimum of 5% of their revenue on marketing to create a strong impact. Companies usually spend 2-3% of the total revenues on marketing which is very less. As new technologies arrive, marketers will need to add them to their integrated campaigns. Micronox believes in parting the year into 3 quarters and utilize each quarter for an effective marketing strategy. In each quarter, sow the strategy for first 90 days and observe the response of customers. Create a hype, reserve and strategize your marketing campaign. This gives companies the power to react to customer preferences. For the last 30 days of a quarter, you’re likely to cash on the results and see your brand blooming with efficient sales. It not only becomes a catalyst for sales, but also helps become the brand a household name.

360 Marketing not only gives you more spotlight but also increase your sales and ensures that the customer returns to buy the product or service thus maintaining brand loyalty. A brand is more likely to do a better business when its seen around and talked about among the common people. You can boost your sales enormously by spending a mere 5% of your revenue on the marketing. Become the hottest selling brand, get on trends, be sold out and become the talk of the town with this effective marketing strategy today!!