IUCN protected space management classes classify protected areas consistent with their management objectives. The classes open area calculate recognised by international bodies value the United Nations and by several national governments because the world commonplace for outlining and recording protected square measures and in and of itself are progressively being included into government legislation.
Name Of
Class Explanation
IA Strict Nature Reserve class IA square measure strictly protected areas put aside to protect diverseness and conjointly apparently geomorphical options. when human visitation use and crashes square measure severely controlled and restricted to validate protection of the conservation values. Such protected areas will function essential location areas for research project and observation.

class Ib protected areas are sometimes huge uncontrolled or slightly changed areas. It hold its natural quality and manipulate. The permanent or important human surroundings that square measure protected and managed. So Therefore it preserve on their natural condition.
II National Park class II protected square measures the natural or close to natural areas put away to protect large-scale ecological processes, Educational and economical processes. It provide the foundation for:
• environmentally and culturally compatible
• spiritual & scientific
• Instructional &recreational
• visitant opportunities.
III Natural Monument class III protected square measures are put away to Protect a particular natural monument. It should be:
• landform
• sea mount
• submarine cavern
• ancient grove
? It is quite tiny protected areas.
? It has high visitant value.
IV Habitat/Species Management Area class IV protected areas is because to Protect open species or habitats. The management reproduces this main concern.
several class IV protected areas can would like regular, active involvement to deal with the wants of open species. But this can be not a demand of the class.
V Protected Landscape/ Seascape The protected Area where the communication of individuals and nature more time has made a region of different character. Which is important for ecological, biological, cultural and scenic value. The conservation and the honesty of this interaction is important to protect and sustain the world. It is associated nature conservation and optional values.
VI Protected space with property use of resources class VI protected areas conserve ecosystems and habitats in concurrence with associated cultural values and very old natural resource management systems.
They are mostly huge with most of the world in an especially natural condition. In these areas proportion is less property resource management.
In these areas low-level non-industrial use of natural resources suited.
The nature protection is seen together of the most aims of the world.

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