he Furrier transformed infrared spectroscopic

he Furrier transformed infrared spectroscopic (FTIR) measurements were analyzed with a Perkin-Elmer spectrum RX1 FTIR system instruments by making of KBr pellet with copolymer pOAPOT. The spectrum is specified in fig 2. The band at 3380cm-1, as a result of the characteristic free N-H stretching vibration, suggest that the presence of the secondary amino group (-NH-) a small shoulder band at 3301 cm-1 corresponds to the hydrogen bonded N-H vibrations.9 The peak around 3062cm-1 represents the CH stretching vibration of an aromatic ring. The peak at 2921cm-1 has represented the presence of methyl C-H stretching vibrations and it indicates the presence of OT in the copolymer chain. The IR absorption bands at 1474-1615cm-1 are associated with the aromatic ring stretching.