At various stages of my career

At various stages of my career, I have been involved in teams that proudly share a common sense of why and invested in accomplishing its missions and goals. I enjoy assuming more accountability as it allows me to learn and contribute significantly to an organization and the team. Working for the Forest Service has exposed me to significant challenges that only can be solved in a team atmosphere and with strong leaders. I have always been encouraged to look for something bigger and mutual to complete our mission of being stewards of the land. This encouragement has allowed me to become a great follower as well as a leader. I aspirate to take the next step by refining my skills by becoming a leader of leaders. Northeastern’s Leadership program would not only challenge me to good beyond what I have experienced and learned but also push me to champion new ideas.
Growing up middle class in Massachusetts, I was expected to go to college and get on with my life. As I look back, I could have applied myself more, but it took joining the military after college graduation to understand commitment, responsibility, and discipline. It was there I realized the importance of developing my inner leader by first learning to lead myself through restraint and focus. Working on my new ability in fluid and uncertain atmospheres, quick decision making and taking ownership of your decisions came easier, but it was not without failure. Most importantly, I learned leadership is not about going it single-handedly but winning as a team. Making the transition from the military to my current career path, I have continued to polish my self-awareness and operational leadership by administrating a unique program of work that includes oversight of activities in remote wilderness areas or managing catastrophic wildfires in the urban interfaces. Still, the most gratifying part of my professional career allows me to empower others especially when I help nurture opportunities for enhancing skills to prepare movement onto higher roles in the agency. It has been enriching to coach, motivate and challenge individuals to overcome obstacles accomplish something greater themselves. I am looking to lead at a higher level, with the Master’s program in Leadership, I hope to enhance my quality of leadership as well as build capacity to navigate the higher levels of my organization.
I am now eager to experience the opportunity to improve my personal development even further. Northeastern can help me develop the finer skills of forging constructive and authentic relationships both in the corporate and the boots on the ground environment. Northeastern’s team-oriented curriculum will permit me to interact with individuals from across the nation and world will allow me a greater appreciation of differences and viewpoints of leadership. I have the support of my agency to put my energy this leadership program because it benefits both parties. I will gain a new skill set and the agency will create a leader that will be essential to construct the desired culture around diversity and inclusion, safety, and other core agency values.