Andy is happy when he is joined up and involved with his gang

Andy is happy when he is joined up and involved with his gang, the Royals. Andy doesn’t want to feel excluded, hence why he became a gang member. When Andy gets stabbed by gang rivals, he lays there in the rain, slowly dying. Once he realises his life is fading away, he thinks of all the possibilities and things he could do. Andy especially thinks of Laura, and is deeply saddened that he doesn’t have the chance anymore to marry her and move out to another area. He then feels once more “very alone”, but ironically at the same time, he belongs to a large gang. Andy feels so proud and taken up to feel accepted into a very reputable gang , that he forgets to appreciate all the other things he could do in the world. External Conflict is a language feature, used quite often to help show and explain difficulties the character has been going through. Andy likes to belong with a big group, but then regrets that decision because he now realises the society moves without Andy,, even when he is dying, thus feeling alone. The author’s purpose is to show us that belonging to a group or something usually makes us feel included, although there are times when you forget where your place as a individual stands in the world and society today.
Andy always wanted to be identified; which is why he join the Royals. It was for him to be recognizable and feel included, which is linked to the similar importance of belonging. Andy is happy about wearing his gang affiliation proudly, because he knew that he was easy to be identified. When he lies down on the sidewalk, Andy becomes unhappy about his identity. He then realises that the knife have not stabbed him because he was Andy, but because he was a Royal member.”Even in his pain, there had been some sort of pride in knowing he was a Royal. Now there was no pride at all”, suggests us that Andy was always once happy, oblivious and proud to be identified as a Royal. However, we can see the way Andy changes his thinking before and after the stabbing. Pathetic fallacy is a language feature, used by environmental or nature terms to help build the mood of the character or/and setting. He was extremely forlorn because he is dying, and to show that there was heavy, rain splattering over him. Internal conflict is a language feature that the character’s mind is battling views and thoughts within itself. Andy screams out “I’m Andy!”, which is to show us that he now wants to be identified by himself, not by a gang member. Symbolism is a fairly common language feature, that usually represents someone or a object with a more in-depth meaning. Andy’s jacket symbolizes his identity. He struggles to take off the jacket. This means that it can’t be done easily. However, this may link to the fact that at the time of his death, the identity of Andy himself would not be viewed easily, rather focusing on the jacket he wore, like a gang member. As a last effort, he manages to take off the jacket, so he can reveal to others who he really is. The author’s purpose is to show us that wearing a certain affiliation impacts the way the world recognizes you, and suppresses yourself to reveal your own, true identity.