3. Result and discussion
3. 1. Characterization of olive bio-alkyd resin (OOBAR)
FTIR spectroscopy was used for identification of specific functional groups of OB, COB, OOBAR, and Mo:OOBAR in range 4000–400 cm-1. OB spectrum have broadband at 2996-3660 cm-1 (?OH), sharp peaks at 2933 cm-1 (?CH), 1612 cm-1 (?C?C) and 1084 cm-1 (?C-O-C). The bands of COB spectrum were shifted to 2343-3664, 1606 and 1097 cm-1. In addition, the new band has appeared at 37001 cm-1 while the band at 2933 was absent due to an oxidation process. Also, the bands of OOBAR spectrum were shifted to 3027-3741, 2925, 1631.5 and 1166 cm-1. The new bands have appeared at 2979, 2854 and 1739 and 1459 cm-1 due to C-H (aromatic), C-H (aliphatic), C=O and COOR. There are many sharp peaks for Mo:OOBAR was appeared at 780, 693, 519 and 507 cm-1 due to Mo(V) complexion and other bands for O-H, C-H (aromatic), C-H (aliphatic), C=O and COOR was disappeared due to the cleating agent.